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Biomechanical Solutions can be used amongst others efficiently in the following areas:

Universities and colleges

Our motion analysis systems, 2D and 3D scanning systems provide science and teachings completely new possibilities for structured and precise research of the subjects biomechanics, medicine, sports, aviation and space technology and veterinary.

Olympic training centers / performance centers (sports equipment development)

Our innovative technology and software in the area of motion analysis and body-scanning technology offers diverse applications for performance analysis, training management and development of sports equipment.

Hospitals (gait analysis, prosthetics)

For many areas of medicine IETEC Biomechanical Solutions offer solutions to create your clinical, practical or everyday business be more efficient and accurate.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Our motion analysis systems, 2D and 3D scanning systems and force measuring platforms are ideal for the development of therapeutic interventions and to control the outcomes of the therapy.

Orthopedic shoe technology

Medical aids such as orthopedic insoles, orthopedic shoes or orthotics can only work efficiently if they match exactly. IETEC Biomechanical Solutions provide measurement systems especially designed for this purpose. They determine exactly, user-friendly and fast the relevant body dimensions, stress and motion situations and document them graphically displayed.

Running experts, gyms

Innovative technology and software for optimal running shoe advice or training management. Our analysis methods offer various possibilities for use and allow, among other things, the optimal selection and adaptation of sports shoes or orthopedic insoles.