iScan 3Dp+

iScan 3Dp+

iScan 3Dp+ measures digitally and absolutely exact shanks and feet. The measurement is carried out contact-free with use of a portable, light 3D scanner. With these attained data iScan 3Dp+ creates a three-dimensional genuine foot model that can be evaluated at the screen.

iScan 3Dp+ is able to exactly present the individual leg and foot condition.

The digitized scan-process supersedes the time-consuming and work intense casting and creating of a mold of the foot positive. Due to that material and distribution costs are reduced. The digital saving of the foot pictures supersedes a future storage of cast foot positives.

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Technical data

  • Simple user guidance starting at the acquisition of patients data up to the actual scan process
  • Absolute straightforward handling with clear position standards for patient and scanner on a provided "scan-mat"
  • Interactive measurement check on the software
  • Digitizing of both feet at the same time
  • Digital acquisition of both feet with 12 measurement points in less than 60 seconds 3D-model calculation
  • Real 3D-data of the feet in high picture resolution and real image overlay (3D-cross-fading over the digital foot model)
  • Finite measurable: lesions, cicatrices, markings of the feet
  • Optional cutting ability of the height of scan up to 35 cm
  • Extremely quick data calculation
  • Complete scan and acquisition time: less than 5 minutes!
  • Saving and output of 3D-data for further CAD last processing and individual custom-made shoe production for all current open interface CAD programs
  • Online ordering service (obw) for IETEC products
Scope of delivery
1 x Mobile 3D camera with tripod
1 x ISCAN 3Dp case (for transportation purposes)
1 x Calibration foil ("scan mat")