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iScan Pro Software

iScan Pro Software

Each foot is different! The CAD-software iScan Pro is especially designed for the production of individual insoles and allows to construct a real precise counter piece of the foot. The insole then is modeled concerning orthopedic aspects and your requirements.

The result: individual customized, medically effective precision insoles and arch supports. Based on the ISCAN 2D and 3D data these are easily computer based and individually produced at IETEC by means of modern CAD/CAM technology. At this process a huge number of models, countless possibilities of modification and material can be used. They are able to be combined with each other in a huge number of possibilities and guarantee patient-centered care according to the indication.

Convincing: astonishing easy software appliance by mouse click, clear menu structure and program manager, many useful and first of all user-friendly tools, 3-D-pictures of modules and insole outlines, preview functions, direct linking to IETEC online ordering service (obw).

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Technical data

  • Analyze and construction software for a centralized, individual CAD-/CAM production of insoles
  • Very quick, intuitive menu user guidance
  • Ports for Pedos and Acriba
  • Construction by 2D foot impression, foot scan, foot pressure measurement
  • Possibilities of cross fading of measurement, foot pressure measurement and insole construction
  • Insole outlines of various (saftey) shoe producers etc. are already integrated
  • Semi automatically placing of moduls
  • Modules like pelotte, retro capital and or thong can be defined, scaled, transformed, manually adapted (e. g. boundary lines, heights) in their position, form or height
  • Based on a SQL server database
Hardware and software requirements
Core 2 Duo with 1,8 GHz
Screen at least 17"
Operating System Windows 7 (32&64 Bit)
GUI DirectX version 9 or ladter