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Kistler force plate 9260AA

Kistler foce plate 9260AA

Kistler measuring platforms have proved their worth a thousand times as precise and reliable measuring instruments.

In the globally leading motion analysis laboratories of biomechanics Kistler measuring platforms are an essential instrument of daily use. Due to their versatility and longevity they consistently turn out to be a cost-saving investment. Measuring platforms of Kistler offer a high sensibility and an extremely wide measurement range. Due to this they can acquire smallest forces as exact as huge loads.

Simple and reliable interfaces guarantee enduring highest possible compatibility to other systems in the motion analysis.

Kistler measuring platforms acquire ground reaction forces precisely and reliable and thus create a solid base for the calculation of forces and moments. The high precision of the measuring platforms uncovers smallest varieties and asymmetries in the gait pattern. Thus it supports accurate diagnoses the fitting of prostheses and the documentation of the rehabilitation process. Due to high bias voltage and linearity of their piezo-electric sensors Kistler measuring platforms carry out extremely precise measurements in each area even under preload.

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Technical data

  • the force measurement platform is especially designed for use in gait and balance analysis
  • Type 9260AA features an integrated charging amplifier that is compatible to all established motion analysis systems
  • Due to its low weight of only 8,6 kg the measuring platform can be used flexible and also mobile
Technical data (abstract) 
Measuring range Fx, Fy –2,5 ... 2,5 kN
Fz 0 ... 5 kN
Excessive load: Fx, Fy –3/3 kN
Fz 0/8
Linearity: %FSO <±0,5
Natural frequency: fn (z) ≈400 Hz
Op. temperature: 10 ... 50 °C
Weight: 8,6 kg
Length: 600 mm
500 mm
50 mm